Eclipse 2017 at Grand Valley Public Library

A message from our director:

A grand time was had by all at the Eclipse Viewing Party at Grand Valley Public Library on Monday August 21, 2017. Over 350 community residents came out to enjoy the games, food, and fun at the library. Library staffer, Melissa Johnson worked through NASA to obtain a grant to get the 1,000 solar viewing glasses. “We started to give some away before the event and then realized- when we had given out over 600 – that we better stop or we would not have any left when people arrived for the Solar Eclipse Party,” Johnson said.


The GVPL Friends of the Library hosted a small book sale on the front porch of the library, and people were excited about an extra opportunity to be able to get books for a donation.

Conversation Station arrived with the popcorn machine and the snow cone machine. They provided all the materials to make the goodies and the workers to get the job done. Pat Hunter said they made over 350 snow cones and I am not sure how many bags of popcorn were consumed.


Grandma Duck, AKA Trudy Olah, arrived with 2 very friendly ducks for the children and adults to enjoy.


Jeannette Gage, Fiscal Officer, suffered through searing heat cooking up hundreds of hotdogs for attendees. Jeannie also helps all the time with shopping and making sure we had all the necessary condiments.

A special treat was provided by Mr. Sonny Williams with his solar ready telescope. He has a special filter on the telescope so everyone could see the eclipse close up.


GVPL Board Members volunteered to help the children with a Moon Dust project created with colored sand. Staff members helped students’ select free books and paint stars with glow-in-the-dark yellow paint. Large outdoor games of tic-tac-toe, big dominos, connect four, and the large block Jenga games were enjoyed by all.


The Board, the staff, the Friends of the Library and I want to extend our thanks to the whole community for making this a successful, exciting, and fun event – and the largest one for GVPL in our 114 year history!